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Top Tips for Homeowners Who Like to Entertain

Posted: November 03, 2019 by Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper

Not ready for another night of Netflix but don’t feel like going out? Bring the party to you! 

From one hostess with the most-est to another, there is nothing like making your night in a great night out for your guests. From an informal pot-luck gathering with neighbors to a full-on house party, here are a few ways to tap into your inner party planner.

Pick a format

If you’re in the mood to entertain, there are plenty of options.

  • Potluck parties – Many hands make light work when everyone brings something. Pick a theme and see where people take it. Or ask everyone to bring appetizers, sides and desserts while you supply the mains.  Anything goes when it’s potluck! 
  • Cocktail parties – Shaken not stirred as James Bond is fond of saying. When you pare down the focus to drinks, a few nibbles and conversation, your gathering is high on fun and low on clean up.
  • Viewing parties – Pass the popcorn! Getting together with friends to watch a favorite movie, TV show or sporting event creates an atmosphere in which people are connected through a shared interest. Plus, you don’t have to wait until the next day to recap.
  • Game night – Whether it’s poker or Parcheesi, the game is just an excuse to get together for some friendly competition and a lot of laughs.  
  • Dinner party – There are so many fun details when you host a dinner party: place cards, table decor, courses, wine pairings! 
  • House party – Just for fun or for a festive occasion, house parties are an opportunity to bring friends from all your circles together. Dress up or dress down but be sure to put on your dancing shoes! Playlists are a must … to really kick things up a notch, consider hiring a DJ.

Create the plan

From who to invite, what time to start the party and what to serve, a plan is critical to success. But don’t over plan, because too many guidelines can get in the way of good old-fashioned fun.

  • Get on the guest list – Who you invite depends on the goal of the party. Is it time to reconnect with the neighbors or spend some quality time with co-workers out of the office? Maybe you are celebrating a special event and want to gather close friends and family.
  • Decide on a date – Give your guests at least a few weeks’ notice to ensure they can attend. If there are people you definitely want to see, check their availability in advance.
  • Figure out the food (and drinks!) – Will you cook or cater? Are there specialty foods you will need to make a special trip to buy? Do you have a house wine you like to serve or will you experiment with new recommendations? If little people are coming, do you have kid-friendly options?
  • Set the stage – Imagine the flow from the moment people walk through the door and plan accordingly.  Where will guests put their coats? What will be the focal point for the gathering? Decide where you will place the food and set up a separate location for the bar. Is there ample room for people to move around? Is your powder room accessible?

Get the party started

You did it! The big day is here. Keep in mind that with proper planning, hosting a party should be fun, not stressful. To keep the relaxed vibe going, ask for help. Guests always offer so be sure you can delegate some simple but important tasks like filling the ice buckets, opening wine bottles, showing people where the coats go. That frees you up to greet your guests, make everyone feel welcome, and get the party started right!

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