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Organization for Your Workstation

Tips to Organize your Home Office
Posted: September 08, 2020 by Hope Stakes

The longer we stay at home, the more chaotic our desk slowly grows. However, there’s one phrase we know to be true: a decluttered space is a decluttered mind. Luckily for all of you buried under the disorganized piles taking over your space, we took it upon ourselves to gather some tips on how to organize your home office, and in turn, your life. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.     Contain Yourself

It’s time to invest in some storage! There should be a place for everything. Get containers to put inside your desk drawers to separate out your paper clips, highlighters, tabs, and other supplies. Every desk needs to be topped with a cup to make pens, pencils, and your favorite pair of scissors within reach. With these, along with an assortment of containers, baskets, and bins, you can easily take the first step in getting your area in order.

2.     Label It

Next, it’s time to label all of the storage items you just bought and separated your items into! Not only is it a clear reminder for you to put things back in their proper space, but it’s helpful for others who need to find or put something up in your area. Adding labels to your life leaves no room for confusion.

3.     Go Vertical

Just like a crowded city, when there’s no longer room to grow out, grow upwards. Take advantage of your unused wall space in your quest to organize. Whether it’s hanging your calendar on the wall, shelves, or extra filing space for some additional storage, utilizing the walls in your office can free up space on your desk.

4.     Book It

This tip serves you as aesthetically as it does organizationally. There’s nothing that elevates a home office more than bookshelves filled with your beautiful books. Whether you already have some bookshelves, or are in the market for some, it’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the mind getting your books in order. You can organize your books however you prefer: by genre, author, or year. Another increasingly trendy way to organize your books is by color. Color coordinating your bookshelves adds a beautiful design element to your office along with its organizational function.

5.     Purge Your Space

Time to kiss all of the unnecessary junk and clutter goodbye. Put aside a little time in your day to sort through different areas of your office and toss what you haven’t used in a while. This doesn’t necessarily just include the old sticky notes and granola bar wrappers stashed in your drawers. Supplies, equipment, knick-knacks, even furniture, are all fair game. Everything taking up space that’s not being used only serves to further clutter up your office. Decorations and plants (real or artificial) covered in dust can have the opposite effect of their intended beauty.


Try all of these tips, or just a few! By putting these organizational ideas into practice, you can decrease your stress and increase your efficiency. Make your home office a sanctuary once again.

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