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  • If buying or renting, my job is to make sure I provide you homes that meet your specs, plus keep you w/i budget & a payment you can easily afford!
  • If selling, & when all is said & done, you really have 2 basic questions: 1) How much do I get or have to pay at Closing & 2) How long will it take?
  • New Home? Please hire a RE agent (it's free). You wouldn't go into a courtroom w/out a lawyer! Why would you sign a huge contract w/out representation?
  • When you sell, you're going to pay a significant amount of money called a commisson! When interviewing agents, be sure you're getting your $$$$$ worth!
  • With me, you get UNPARALLED service! You will not, REPEAT, will not, get better service from any other agent/company in the city--GUARANTEED!
  • Most of my clients are either AD military or referrels from other military. Why? Because I understand their core values, budget, PCS, & what their goals are!
  • Out of towners: I work real well w/ folks who are stationed all over the country or world. Especially those who are 6-12 months from buying or selling!
  • Before you hire an agent, please give me an opp. to show you what I can/will do for you. If it doesn't work out, show me the door--it's that simple w/ me!
  • Be sure you're comfortable w/ your agent.

I've been a San Antonio resident since 1966 with vast amounts of time spent between Randolph AFB (N.E. SA) to Lackland AFB (Far West SA). I grew up a 'military brat' which eventually led to my joining the Air Force where I served as an NCO for 6 years before getting my commission (AFROTC) at Southwest Texas State. After a multitude of assignments, I eventually retired in SA and immediately began working at USAA doing mostly budget/financials within the HR dept. After USAA, I signed on with what is undeniably the #1 real estate firm in San Antonio, Coldwell Banker, D'Ann Harper REALTORS.

Choosing a real estate company for some is happenstance, for others a time-consuming process. I interviewed several other brokerages but none had the core values, culture, industry reputation, and above all, commitment to customer service that I was seeking. As Mrs. Harper said, 'Some agents hear, my agents listen!' I can still remember my real estate instructor drumming into us over and over 'listen..listen..listen!' Mrs. Harper's steadfast dedication to this very basic principle, plus her insistence that we are professionally trained and attuned to the latest updates in the real estate world serves as the cornerstone for her success. So, you may be wondering why should you contact me about buying or selling? To be honest, there's not enough space on this web page to enumerate all the things I can do for you. It's safe to say that D'Ann Harper REALTORS isn't the #1 brokerage in SA by accident. It's a direct result of thousands and thousands of satisfied customers spreading the word, world-wide, about the fast, fair, and hassle free service they received. Our status as #1 is bolstered by the Relocation contracts we have with such corporate heavyweights like HEB, SW Bell, Dell Computer, IBM, SACU and Circuit City. All of our buying/selling efforts are backed up by an aggressive PowerHouse Marketing plan, which is second to none.

In a nutshell, I work for a company that places customer service and reputation before the bottom line! I encourage you to check out our competition but rest assured, they're going to have a real real tough time matching what we can and will do for you. By the way, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Texas Longhorn fan and the gloating father of three kids, with only my youngesgt still attending 40 acres (UT-Austin). Sorry Aggies, Red Raiders, and Sooners!

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